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Organization Profile

What's New?


CPRA Professional Development Certification - Announcing the First Program Graduate

CPRA PDC is the country’s only national training program tailored to recreation and parks practitioners. The certification phase includes the completion of two online courses, and a knowledge presentation in front of a panel of judges.

Lori Mambella heard about the program as a member of Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO), and as a firm believer in professional development, registered for the training.

“Our profession is never static, so a well-balanced understanding of core competencies, along with the knowledge of the latest industry trends, is crucial,” says Lori.

Read the full story

Register for CPRA PDC

Canadian Index of Wellbeing 2016 - How Are Canadians Really Doing?

Canadians are interested in active lifestyles that include our natural and cultural heritage but spend less time and money on recreation and culture than ever.  The Canadian Index of Wellbeing is a 21-year project aimed at providing a measure of our society’s well-being that is more effective than the traditional Gross Domestic Product.  It includes 8 indices (or domains): education, healthy populations, community vitality, democratic engagement, living standards, time use, environment and leisure and culture.


Framework for Recreation Survey 

The Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 is a guiding document for communities, recreation providers and others concerned with the wellbeing of people in Canada. It provides a unifying vision for the health and wellbeing of people, communities, and the built and natural environment. The goals and strategies in the Framework were designed to enable and enhance the provision of all types of recreation.

Since the endorsement of the Framework by the Provincial and Territorial Ministers responsible for sport, recreation and physical activity, an Implementation Steering Committee has been established to support the implementation of the Framework and to monitor progress on the goals and strategies.  The Steering Committee is co-led by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) and the Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council and includes representatives from across Canada.

As part of the monitoring, a working group has created a short survey to evaluate levels of awareness and implementation in different types of organizations. The results of the survey will help the steering committee assess the level of awareness for the Framework as well as barriers to implementation and opportunities to utilize the framework.  
The deadline for survey responses isDecember 20, 2016

This survey is designed for recreation providers, community leaders and NGOs working in the recreation, parks, physical activity, sport and health promotion and related sectors. It should be completed by someone with knowledge of the Framework.

This survey is administered by LIN.ca. Responses will be aggregated to ensure anonymity and confidentiality of respondents .No personally identifiable information will be shared publicly. You may be contacted by a member of the research team if there are any questions about your open-ended responses.

Completion of this survey should take approximately 10 minutes. Your input is greatly appreciated.  Link to survey is below




Winter semestar starts January 10, 2017 

Canada's first Professional Development Certification for recreation and parks professionals and practitioners is now open for registration.

Register for the CPRA PDC

From the date of registration to the program, participants have two years to complete two certification courses and deliver a knowledge presentation to a panel of peers. Visit www.cprapdc.ca/certification/ for more information on the certification process.



Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Leaders Respond to Federal Economic Update

TORONTO, ON – November 3, 2016–Leaders from Sport Matters Group, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association and ParticipACTION applaud the Fall Economic Statement delivered this week by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, which included investments of $21.9 billion over 11 years to support social infrastructure, including spaces and places to be active.

Regular physical activity contributes to our economic prosperity, to our health and to our sense of pride and belonging, at the national, regional and local levels, building stronger, more inclusive communities and improving the quality of life for all Canadians.

With the shared goal of more accessible spaces and places to be active and engaged in communities across the country, we are committed to working with federal, provincial/territorial and municipal governments, as well as other key stakeholders, to support and encourage all Canadians to make active choices where they live, work and play.

Following on this week’s update from Minister Morneau, the sport, physical activity and recreation sector looks forward to working with federal officials at all relevant departments to ensure these new investments translate into measurable social and health outcomes for Canadians and their communities.  



 ParticipACTION 150 PlayList

150 play list logoTo celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, we’re creating the ParticipACTION 150 Play List – the ultimate list of all the physical activities that make us Canadian. Challenge yourself and your friends to complete them all throughout 2017 for the chance to get active and win a trip for three to Whistler, an appearance on TV, or even a new car! Over 100 events will be taking place from coast to coast, so everyone has a chance to get moving, try something new, and prove how Canadian they really are!

Sign up online, get active and check off as many Play List activities you can for chances to win some great prizes.


Progress on Implementation of the Framework for Recreation in Canada

October 17, 2016 

Since the endorsement by Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Ministers and by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) in February 2015, the Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015: Pathways to Wellbeing is being implemented at a national, regional and community level.

CPRA and the Interprovincial Sports and Recreation Council (ISRC) co-chair a Framework Implementation and Monitoring Working Group (IMWG).  The IMWG members include representatives from CPRA and ISRC as well as academics, aboriginal leaders, young professionals and municipal volunteers.

The IMWG has been providing national leadership on Framework Implementation, including: 

·         Tracking and monitoring Framework awareness and utilization via a national survey;

·         Building implementation audit tools for municipalities;

·         Integrating the Framework into the academic community;

·         Seeking endorsement of the Framework from key national organizations;

·         Preparing national communication tools to support implementation; and

·         Connecting with aboriginal leaders to support implementation.

In addition, the ‘Framework for Recreation in Canada Implementation Portal’ was recently launched (lin.ca/national-recreation-framework).  This portal provides the sector with Framework history, implementation tools and templates, national data collections on the five Framework goals and ongoing implementation updates. 

CPRA Board and Members have also been focused on implementation of the Framework including the development of a new business plan rooted in the Framework.  And, preparing for the launch of a new CPRA website and communication collateral centred on the Framework.  ........Full article here 


CPRA / CRFC made submission to House of Commons Finance Committee Pre-Budget Consultations

The CPRA and CRFC recommend that the 2017 federal budget include commitments:

·         To provide $ 1 million in funding toward creating a national and comprehensive inventory of sport and recreation facilities in Canadian communities to empower governments and community leaders to make evidence-based decision that will improve the health of communities and Canadians.

·         To create a dedicated sport and recreation infrastructure ‘repair’ fund that would include a reserved envelope for small communities.  This will allow communities to prioritize sport and recreation infrastructure projects while still addressing other community infrastructure needs.  This ‘repair’ fund would address the acute need for critical repairs, maintenance and adaptation that ensures existing public assets remain safe and reliable.

·         To create a dedicated sport and recreation infrastructure ‘new build’ fund that would include a reserved envelope for urban communities with large ethnic populations.  This fund would address the growing, aging and diversifying demographic in Canadian communities.  The changing sport and recreation needs of our population can be addressed to ensure the aging population remains active and that new Canadians have a community entry point that is reflective of their sport and recreation culture.

We call upon the federal government to commit $1.2 billion per annum for the next ten years in total to the two dedicated sport and recreation infrastructure funds.  This request represents only 10% of the total $120 billion over 10 years – overall a small investment to secure the health of its citizen and communities and the sustainability of the health care system.

Read the Full Submission by CPRA and CRFC



April 21, 2016

As the first gathering of its kind, the Canadian Parks Summit mobilized leaders from across the country to pioneer a collaborative vision for Canada’s parks system, from local community open spaces to national parks.

The event, held from April 11 to 14 in Canmore, Alberta, hosted over 190 decision-makers in the sector, including senior parks managers, academics, NGOs, indigenous leaders, and representatives from all levels of government. The summit was co-chaired by the Canadian Parks Council and Canadian Parks and Recreation Association, who collaborated with a country-wide National Advisory Committee including delegates from 24 organizations.

Using a “Parks for All” workbook and four commissioned papers as background, attendees participated in workshops, bringing their diverse views to one table. The discussion produced 175 pages of input on the future of our parks system.

Read more in the full release. 


The Framework for Recreation in Canada    

CPRA will continue to play a lead role with the ISRC, by forming an Implementation Steering Committee, which will be comprised of members from CPRA, government officials, academics, sector representatives and students.   CPRA will also develop tools and resources which will assist communities in implementing the Framework.

Implementation of the Framework will begin in earnest now that the Ministers have offered their endorsement. Governments, communities and organizations working in allied sectors will be invited to apply the Framework to their own policies, practices and procedures in a manner and timeline that works best for them.

CPRA is pleased to see the Board of Directors of the Canadian Federation of Municipalities has also endorsed the Framework at their recent Board Meeting - see adopted resolution.



  • Purchase a hard copy of the Frameowrk for Recreation in Canada  $12.00 per copy.  Please contact info@cpra.ca for more information. 
  • Share information about the Framework for Recreation in Canada with your colleagues, staff and sector partners  -- CPRA has created a PPT presentation english and French for your use. 
  • CPRA hosted a Webinar on the Framework  -  the webinar recording is now available.  Check it out.
  • One page Summary of the Framework for Recreation


What is the Framework for Recreation?

Since 2011, CPRA has been co-leading with the Interprovincial Sport and Recreation Council (ISRC) the development of A Framework for Recreation in Canada. The Framework will provide a new vision for recreation and suggest some common ways of thinking about the renewal of recreation based on clear goals and underlying values and principles.    A Summit was held in Toronto in November 2014 bringing together recreation leaders from across the country.  Read the Summit Synopsis.  


Advertise with CPRA - A Great Way to Reach a National Audience

When it comes to the promotion of healthy communities and enhancing the quality of life and environments for all Canadians through collaboration, Canadian Parks and Recreation Association is the organization that works to achieve this.

The relationship we have with our audience is like having one-on-one discussions.  Why not join our discussions today? CPRA has three distinct ways for you to tap into their extensive network of parks and recreation specialists, advocates, volunteers and participants!

Learn about our Advertising Opportunities


On-line Resources

The Leisure Information Network is the home of the National Recreation Database - a source of over 10,000 practical resources for recreation, parks, and healthy living practitioners, available for download free of charge. The LIN site also offers news and events, program success stories, activity ideas and a weekly ebulletin.  



The Active After School Hub is a website intended for practitioners and decision-makers within the after school sector.The site is a place where community members will be able to find the resources to help deliver active after school programs, engage with a community of their peers, and advocate for better programs and greater public access to them.

The Northern Links website is the first stop for First Nations, Inuit and Métis recreation practitioners. The site  will help provide culturally relevant and physically engaging opportunities for your community. There you will find news, events, resources, leads to funding sources, and recreational program ideas and activities to support you in your work. The Sharing Circle listserv will connect you to other recreation practitioners in Aboriginal communities across the country.


The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) is a national organization dedicated to realizing the full potential of parks and recreation as a major contributor to community health and vibrancy.  Membership includes the 13 provincial and territorial parks and recreation associations and their extensive networks of service providers in over 90% of Canadian communities. 

CPRA collaborates with a host of other national organizations operating in the recreation, physical activity, environmental, facilities, sport, public health, crime prevention and social services arenas.

Over the course of its 60-year history, CPRA has become a credible and strong national leader in our sector.  In addition to our advocacy on the benefits of parks and recreation, we provide our members with the information, resources and the professional development they can use to make a difference in their own community.  Through broad-based community involvement, we find solutions to social challenges, influence policy direction and generate momentum towards community quality of life.

CPRA is a registered charity.








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