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CPRA serves as the national voice for the parks and recreation sector.  Our provincial and territorial members also collaborate on priorities of mutual interest.

CPRA engages federal decision makers to ensure the breadth of societal and economic benefits delivered by parks and recreation are understood and supporrted accordingly.

CPRA collaborates with a host of other national organizations operating in the recreation, physical activity, environmental, facilities, sports, public health, crime prevention and social services arenas.

Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Leaders Respond to Federal Economic Update

TORONTO, ON – November 3, 2016–Leaders from Sport Matters Group, the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association and ParticipACTION applaud the Fall Economic Statement delivered this week by Finance Minister Bill Morneau, which included investments of $21.9 billion over 11 years to support social infrastructure, including spaces and places to be active.

Regular physical activity contributes to our economic prosperity, to our health and to our sense of pride and belonging, at the national, regional and local levels, building stronger, more inclusive communities and improving the quality of life for all Canadians.

With the shared goal of more accessible spaces and places to be active and engaged in communities across the country, we are committed to working with federal, provincial/territorial and municipal governments, as well as other key stakeholders, to support and encourage all Canadians to make active choices where they live, work and play.

Following on this week’s update from Minister Morneau, the sport, physical activity and recreation sector looks forward to working with federal officials at all relevant departments to ensure these new investments translate into measurable social and health outcomes for Canadians and their communities.  


CPRA / CRFC made submission to House of Commons Finance Committee Pre-Budget Consultations


The CPRA and CRFC recommend that the 2017 federal budget include commitments:

·         To provide $ 1 million in funding toward creating a national and comprehensive inventory of sport and recreation facilities in Canadian communities to empower governments and community leaders to make evidence-based decision that will improve the health of communities and Canadians.

·         To create a dedicated sport and recreation infrastructure ‘repair’ fund that would include a reserved envelope for small communities.  This will allow communities to prioritize sport and recreation infrastructure projects while still addressing other community infrastructure needs.  This ‘repair’ fund would address the acute need for critical repairs, maintenance and adaptation that ensures existing public assets remain safe and reliable.

·         To create a dedicated sport and recreation infrastructure ‘new build’ fund that would include a reserved envelope for urban communities with large ethnic populations.  This fund would address the growing, aging and diversifying demographic in Canadian communities.  The changing sport and recreation needs of our population can be addressed to ensure the aging population remains active and that new Canadians have a community entry point that is reflective of their sport and recreation culture.

We call upon the federal government to commit $1.2 billion per annum for the next ten years in total to the two dedicated sport and recreation infrastructure funds.  This request represents only 10% of the total $120 billion over 10 years – overall a small investment to secure the health of its citizen and communities and the sustainability of the health care system.

Read the Full Submission by CPRA and CRFC


CPRA Applauds Liberal Government Investment in Recreation Infrastructure


Ottawa – The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) applauds the federal government’s financial investment in recreation through expanding the eligible categories of the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF) to include recreation.

The announcement is a much needed and welcomed contribution to the physical state of recreation places and spaces in communities across Canada.

The federal government announced that under the Provincial Territorial Infrastructure Component of the NBCF, five new categories would be added as eligible  - this includes tourism, culture, recreation, passenger ferries services infrastructure, and civic assets and municipal buildings.

Read Full Press Release

Details on the NBCF and its administration can be found here.


Canadian Infrastructure Report Card 

CPRA Message to Members

On January 18, 2016 CPRA welcomed the release of the 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card and applaud the inclusion of a chapter dedicated to assessing the state of municipal sport and recreation infrastructure in Canada.

CPRA was engaged in the Report Card process from the beginning by both serving as a member of the Advisory Committee and encouraging our members to participate in the Report Card survey.   Thank you to all CPRA members who did complete the survey as your contributions increased the quality of the Report Card.

The CPRA Board and Provincial/Territorial (PT) members have been briefed throughout the Report Card development process and the CPRA Infrastructure Task Group has provided valuable advice.

The results of the Report Card reinforce the messages that CPRA and all of its PT members have been delivering for years –that sport and recreation infrastructure is at risk of rapid deterioration unless an immediate and significant investment is made.  The right of Canadians to continue accessing quality sport and recreation opportunities is at stake.

The Report Card results show that almost 1 in 2 sport and recreation facilities are in ‘very poor’, ‘poor’ or ‘fair’ condition and need repair or replacement.

CPRA views the Report Card as a ‘Call to Action’ and will be meeting with federal decision makers to discuss immediate solutions to this acute situation.

CPRA asks Members to utilize the findings in the Report Card to continue to educate and inform political decision makers at municipal, provincial/territorial and federal levels about the critical need for immediate investments in sport and recreation infrastructure.

The Report Card provides a valuable snapshot on the current state of sport and recreation infrastructure in Canada.  But, it is essential that as a sector, we continue to build on this information through the development of a national sport and recreation asset inventory system for the sector.

A joint press release was issued with CPRA President; Dean Gibson quoted as saying“Almost one in two sport and recreation facilities across the country are in immediate need of attention. This infrastructure is at the heart of Canadian communities. The 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card is a call to action.” 

Link to CPRA Key Messages

Link to full press release

Link to Canadian Infrastructure Report Card website


FEDERAL ELECTION 2015 - CPRA raises issues with candidates and party leaders. 

There are a number of urgent challenges impacting the health and well-being of Canadians, including a lack of access to high quality recreation opportunities, increased sedentary behaviour amongst children and adults and underfunded national preventative health measures. 

CPRA calls upon the federal candidates and parties to commit to working with the recreation sector to find and fund solutions to the identified barriers to healthy Canadian and healthy communities. 

CPRA Position Statements on: 

Recreation and Sport Infrastructure

Framework for Recreation in Canada 

Preventative Health

Childhood Obesity

CPRA sent letters to the leaders of the Conservative PartyNDP and the Liberal Party.  Please find attached responses from the NDP (English),  NDP (French) and the Liberals (Bilingual)

CPRA encourages all parks and recreation professionals and practitioners to engage local candidates during the election campaign. 


Physical Literacy Consensus Statement

As you may know, Canada's Physical Literacy Consensus Statement was recently released at the International Physical Literacy Conference in Vancouver, BC on June 13, 2015.  The Consensus Statement, featuring a definition of Physical Literacy, was developed by a group of experts with input and support from over 1300 individuals interested and working in the area of physical literacy from across Canada.  We are pleased to share the Consensus Statement with you and encourage you to add your endorsement to the growing list of organizations committing their support to the Statement.  To view the link and show your endorsement online, please follow this link:


.  The French link:



CPRA participates in ACTIVE AT SCHOOL campaign.  


Recently a new initiative entitled ‘Active at School’ was launched and CPRA is proud to be a partner of this legacy initiative.

Active at School is a group of private, public and not-for-profit organizations committed to ensuring that one hour a day of quality physical activity and education is brought back to schools across Canada. With a goal of helping to reverse the trend of inactivity in Canadian kids and youth, the organization is focused on using its varied voices to keep the issue top of mind with federal, provincial and municipal government as well as school boards across Canada.

The “ACTIVE AT SCHOOL” initiative represents a multi-year movement by the organizations involved to work with governments and offer access to their considerable networks, resources, investments and marketing efforts to reverse the staggering trend of inactivity amongst millions of Canadian children and youth.

The group initiated meetings with governments over the past two months and will seek meetings with Premiers, Education and Health Ministers from all governments in the next 90 days to detail the breadth of what the group is offering to make an hour a day of activity in schools a reality.

Visit activeatschool.ca for more information.


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