Online Resources



The National Benefits HUB provides research evidence that demonstrates that recreation, sports, fitness, arts, culture and parks are essential to individual and community quality of life. Over 1000 research studies are organized in a searchable databank to both drive the work of the sector as well as communicate the benefits of that work beyond our profession. This online version of the original “Benefits Catalogue” surpasses earlier versions with its expanded accessibility and search-ability!



Active After School Hub 

The Active After School Hub is a website intended for practitioners and decision-makers within the after school sector.The site is a place where community members will be able to find the resources to help deliver active after school programs, engage with a community of their peers, and advocate for better programs and greater public access to them.



Northern Links

The Northern Links website is the first stop for First Nations, Inuit and Métis recreation practitioners. The sitewill help provide culturally relevant and physically engaging opportunities for your community. There you will find news, events, resources, leads to funding sources, and recreational program ideas and activities to support you in your work. The Sharing Circle listserv will connect you to other recreation practitioners in Aboriginal communities across the country.



Common Vision

The Common Vision is a new, collective way forward that will guide the country towards ways of increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary living. It is a national policy document that is intended to move the country.