Parks for All

Parks for All - A Shared Vision for Canada's Parks Community

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The parks and protected areas community, co-led by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) and the Canadian Parks Council (CPC) has been working since 2015 to develop a Parks for All Strategic Framework and to engage the broader community in its design and implementation.  This framework is intended to build on a shared vision, define guiding principles, strategic directions and priorities, and implement a bold and coordinated strategy for Canada's network of parks and protected areas.

National consultations were held earlier this year on Draft #2 of the Parks for All Document and revisions are currently underway based on that feedback .

The content of Parks for All strategically aligns with, and complements, the CPRA’s Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 primarily in relation to Goal 3 “Connecting People and Nature” as well as the Goals of “Active Living” (#1) and Supportive Environments (#4).

The 2017 Canadian Parks Conference was also held in March in Banff, AB - learn more about that event. 

Find below further information about the Parks for All Strategic Initiative. 

  • Draft #2 of Parks for All: A Strategic Framework (English, French
  • A Backgrounder on the Parks for All initiative (English, French)
  • Parks for All Hub - Leisure Information Network