Professional Development Certification Program


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Professional Development in the sector

Working in the recreation and parks sector requires a unique and diverse set of knowledge, skills and attitudes. The CPRA Professional Development Certification (CPRA PDC) fosters the continual growth of these competencies through accessible professional development, creating a national standard that will strengthen the credibility and quality of its professionals.

Through this certification, you will enhance your understanding of the issues facing the recreation and parks sector and will be further equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to design and implement innovative solutions. You will be part of a national network of professionals and practitioners that will ensure the health of the sector and enhance the quality of its programs and services.


Who is it for?

Professionals & Practitioners

The CPRA Professional Development Certification demonstrates your commitment to professional development by strengthening your ability to deliver quality programs and services and advancing the recreation and parks sector as a whole. Its approach to personalized development gives professionals and practitioners in any stage of their career the skills needed to excel and forge new career opportunities. 


Professional development is vital for creating a healthy and adaptable workforce, increasing job satisfaction and reducing employee turnover. The CPRA Professional Development Certification helps employers unlock the potential of their staff, enhancing the quality of municipal and organizational services and programs.

Who is eligible?

The Certification is available to all Canadian parks and recreation professionals who are active members of a provincial or territorial recreation and parks association


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