2023 Bursary Recipients

Sarah Bruni

Sarah Bruni is a dedicated and experienced professional in the field of recreation. With an impressive 16-year career in the industry, Sarah’s commitment to providing top-notch recreation services shines through in every aspect of her career.

Sarah’s passion for recreation began as a volunteer herself, and over the years, she has climbed the ladder of success, evolving from a camp counsellor to a community recreation programmer, with numerous recreation jobs in between. This unique perspective has enriched her understanding of the industry, allowing her to bring a well-rounded approach to her work.

What sets Sarah apart is her unwavering passion for providing high quality recreation services to all, especially those facing financial constraints. Her commitment to reducing barriers for low-income families seeking to enjoy the benefits of recreation has been the driving force behind her work. By creating inclusive and accessible programs, Sarah has touched countless lives and enriched the community she serves.

Currently, Sarah excels in her role at Islington Community School, which offers an array of programs to a constantly developing and diverse community. Her ability to adapt and innovate has played a pivotal role in the center’s continued success.

Miranda Thomas

Finding my passion for recreation in my participation in the 2011 Katimavik program, I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer for the Ten Oaks Project in Ottawa and the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Festival in Whitehorse. Moving to northern Alberta afterward I worked in the largest recreation centre in Canada, MacDonald Island Park, where I continued to gain experience in different recreational areas in the 4 years working there.

Currently, I am working on finishing my Recreation and Sports Management diploma through Vancouver Island University, while working full time as the Recreation Programmer at the District of Kent, part time as a contract lifesaving instructor with LIT Aquatics, and volunteering with local community and sport organizations.

In the future I aspire to obtain a director position in the municipal recreation sector and help shape the future of community recreation. I am extremely grateful to the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association for the Harry Boothman Bursary to help assist me in making my future goal a reality.

Maxine Tebbe

With 20 years of event management and hospitality management, Maxine has moved to recreation with the management of Optimist Hill in Saskatoon. This facility just completed its 4th season of offering skiing, snowboarding and tubing in the centre of the city. Optimist Hill is a non-profit organization operating in a city park. There are many types of equipment essential to the operation that require certification. Maxine is a hands-on manager and believes that to successfully operate a business, she needs to understand all aspects of the positions. LIFT 151 is an online course on the operation and maintenance of passenger ropeways and passenger conveyor lifts which are necessary to running a ski hill.

Janet Naclia

Janet Naclia is the Director of People and Programs for Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA). She has worked on ARPA’s community developmental programs as well as with both Indigenous and diverse communities. Janet’s current focus is working in collaboration with Indigenous communities across Alberta (First Nation, Métis, and urban Indigenous). She has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and completed the University of Alberta’s “Indigenous Sport and Recreation Graduate Certificate” program. As a non-Indigenous settler and ally, Janet believes that the creation of relationships as well as ethical spaces is key to moving forward towards positive change.

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