Common Vision

The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) is proud to be one of the six Champions chosen to further the work outlined in A Common Vision for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary living in Canada: Let’s Get Moving.

CPRA will serve as the Champion for the Spaces and Places area of focus, specifically addressing the following Strategic Imperatives:

2.1 Prioritize the design of spaces and places to increase recreational physical activity and utilitarian physical activity opportunities across all settings (e.g., communities, schools, public spaces, green spaces) while also increasing accessibility of existing facilities, venues and infrastructure.

2.2 Encourage planners and developers to bring key elements for increasing physical activity and reducing sedentary living to the planning table, including safety, quality, accessibility, ability, affordability, geography, seasonality, inclusivity and proximity to home/work/school.

2.5 Leverage best practices of local, regional, national and international models of community transformation.

2.7 Identify supports (e.g., equipment, procedures) to facilitate movement or standing options during time that is traditionally spent sedentary (e.g., during work and school hours).

CPRA will work with several multi-sectoral partners (e.g., recreation, physical activity, architects and planners) to design and/or adapt existing guidelines to detail how new or revitalized spaces could be designed to promote physical activity. A critical component of the guidelines is that, beyond the physical attributes and spatial relationships of spaces and places, they will address the social environment for individuals who face barriers to physical activity (e.g., is a place or space welcoming; does it nurture a sense of belonging?) The guidelines will focus on specific barriers as well as those common to individuals with various abilities, from the LGBTQ community, representing different cultures, of varying ages and gender identities and from all economic circumstances.

CPRA looks forward to working with the other five Champions: Sport North Federation, ParticipACTION, National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health, Centre for Active Living, and the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute.

CPRA wishes to thank the Public Health Agency of Canada for its confidence in our organization and for its efforts to help Canadians become more physically active.

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