The first edition of the Framework, “Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015: Pathways to Wellbeing,” was a collaborative effort of the provincial and territorial governments (except Quebec), the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA), and the provincial/territorial recreation and parks associations (including l’Association québécoise du loisir municipal). This first edition was endorsed by provincial and territorial ministers and supported by the Government of Canada in February 2015 to provide guidance and galvanize the recreation and parks sector.

Significant change has occurred since the Framework was first published in 2015. To reflect and address these changes, and after consultation with sector representatives across the country, a 2024 Framework Update was developed by the recreation and parks sector for the sector in partnership with CPRA and under the guidance of the Framework Leadership Team.

The 2024 Framework Update is not meant to replace the original edition, but instead to highlight current context and provide new information that impacts the sector and the development of recreation and parks strategies and action plans.