• Jays Care Foundation’s vision is to create a level playing field for all children and youth across Canada. We know that community organizations across Canada are facing many challenges this year and many children in your communities are stepping up to the plate with two strikes already against them. We use the power of sport and play to create reliable programming for children and youth who are most often left out. Our programs cater to self-identified girls, individuals with disabilities, Indigenous youth, and youth living in poverty. 

  • Jays Care offer a range of options for municipalities to choose from so they can enhance current programs or increase programming options for children, youth and families. Municipalities can choose the program that best meets current programming opportunities and community needs.

    Challenger Baseball: Challenger Baseball is an adaptive baseball or softball program designed to empower individuals living with physical and/or cognitive disabilities. This adaptive program is ideal for organizations that are motivated to create introductory sport programs specifically tailored to the needs, strengths and hopes of individuals with disabilities. In this program, baseball or softball is used as the vehicle to enhance four main program objectives: connection, courage, independence and love of physical activity.

    Girls At Bat: Girls At Bat is an introductory baseball or softball program designed and delivered to create spaces that empower and centre the leadership and voices of girls while making it easy to build belonging. This program is ideal for community-based organizations that are motivated to offer programming for anyone identifying as a girl facing barriers to sport participation. In this program, baseball/softball is used as the vehicle to enhance four main program objectives: connection, courage, leadership and love of sport.

    Indigenous Play Ball: In order to answer calls to action around sport and youth programs as laid out in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Jays Care seeks to amplify the voices of Indigenous children and youth, celebrate their success and achievements, and advocate for their right to equal opportunity. Our Play Ball program brings Indigenous youth together using the power of baseball and softball to encourage connection and love of sport. The design and delivery of the program is centred on Indigenous children, their needs, their strengths and their vision for their future.

    Rookie League: Rookie League provides a platform for a wide range of children and youth experiencing diverse barriers to come together and participate in highly inclusive, mixed-ability, safe and fun softball or baseball programming. Rookie League is the ultimate safe space for any young person looking to find their team, develop new skills and have fun. Rookie League is developed for children and youth who face multiple barriers to participation or who are forced to sit on the sidelines. The goal of Rookie League is to build a sense of community and belonging for children and youth who often opt out of other sport programming. These athletes may face multiple barriers to participation including but not limited to, financial barriers, language barriers, sexual orientation/expression, responsibilities at home etc.

  • Jays Care Foundation offers two levels of programs, giving municipalities the option to build up their programming over successive years. All of the Jays Care programs can be offered as a Level 1 or Level 2.

    Level 1: A short introduction to baseball or softball that gives kids the chance to try the game in a safe environment. It is ideal for day camps, “Try It” days during festivals or events, after-school programs.

    Number of hours required per kid: 5 hours minimum.

    Administrative requirements: Sign a partnership agreement (with two signing authorities), submit an end-of-program report. Leaders/coaches must also participate in training.

    Benefits: Receive a coach kit, free training, an equipment kit (see below), prize package (year 1 only) and option to request financial assistance.

    When: Programs can be run at any time.

    Level 2: This is a longer-term opportunity for kids to play on a baseball/softball team focused on inclusion and belonging. This is ideal for municipalities that have the capacity to run 16 hours of programming over several weeks for a consistent group of kids.

    Number of hours required per kid: 16+ hours.

    Administrative requirements: Sign a partnership agreement (with two signing authorities), submit a mid-point program report. Leaders/coaches must also participate in training.

    Benefits: Receive a coach kit, an equipment kit, t-shits/hats for your athletes, small financial grant if essential for running the program.

    When: Programs can be run at any time.

  • Jays Care Foundation recognizes that it may take a municipality some time to implement a new program. Starting with a Level 1 can be a good way to get started as it can be included into existing programs. Jays Care is willing to work with municipalities to help them plan for a fully dedicated program that is sustainable.  So even if you can’t run a program in the current programming year, you can still apply for the following year. 

  • The application form is online and applications are accepted (insert dates). Here are some tips to make the application process go smoothly:

    1. You will need a primary address for the program. This should be the location in your municipality that can accept the coach’s kit and equipment kit. It might be your office location or the central location for your department.
    2. You will need 2 signatures on the application.
    3. You will be required to confirm that you have child protection measures in place. For a municipality, this will generally include volunteer/staff screening (such as vulnerable sector checks, police record checks, staff training on duty to report, policy/procedure or training on prohibited behaviours for leaders, etc.). Jays Care will never require a municipality to provide confidential documents but may ask for policies related to child protection.
    4. You will be asked for program details. If these are not known, you can enter an estimate of when you will run the program.
    5. You will be asked for leader(s) names and shirt sizes (for the coach’s kit). If this is not known, put your own name and size in. It can be altered later.
    6. You will be asked if you are open to including trauma-informed practices.
  • Jays Care Foundation training includes trauma-informed practice to help leaders create a safe and welcoming environment. The trauma-informed approach creates spaces for children and youth to reduce their isolation and enhance their resiliency, while also providing increased opportunities for virtual educators and programmers to notice children and youth who need support and/or protection.

    This approach complements other trainings like HIGH FIVE PHCD and NCCP certifications. It’s another tool to help leaders ensure that every child has a great experience.

  • There may be community groups or baseball/softball leagues in your community. You can partner with any league/club/community group that is already providing any Jays Care program to help expand the reach. You might also have an informal partnership to share information and promote each other’s programs. It’s always a good idea to do your research before starting a new program so that understand the gaps and opportunities in your community.

  • Jays Care provides a coach’s kit that include:

    Programs Manual
    Engagement cards (activity ideas)
    Information on trauma-informed practice (behaviour management tools)
    Clipboard and erasable program sheet
    Blank Participant Certificates
    Banner for games
    You will also receive equipment, based on the type of program you are running:

    Full Outdoor Kit

    2 metal bats
    6 helmets
    12 whiffle balls
    12 foam balls
    12 hard softballs 
    2 tees 
    2 base sets 
    12 gloves 
    Full Indoor Kit

    12 hittrain balls
    12 whiffle balls
    12 gloves
    6 foam bats
    3 tees 
    1 base set
    1 equipment bag
    Level 1 Kit

    12 whiffle balls
    12 hittrain balls (foam ball)
    6 foam bats
    4 tees
    1 base set
    1 equipment set

    Jays Care will advise you on the best kit for your municipality. Municipalities can purchase additional equipment directly through Jays Care Foundation.

  • You can request up to 5 kits for 5 program sites.

  • You can help spread the word about the great Jays Care Foundation programs by acknowledging the Jays Care Foundation support on your website, in social media, news releases and in program guides and registration forms.

  • Through the CPRA Initiative, Jays Care Foundation offers a limited number of subsidies to cover the cost of staff training time.