Reimagine RREC

ReImagine RREC – Renew, Retool, Engage and Contribute – is a multi-phase COVID-19 recovery initiative for recreation, parks and community sport leaders supported by the Government of Canada (Sport Canada) and delivered by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association.

About ReImagine RREC

ReImagine RREC is intended to help leaders working in parks, recreation and community sport to improve planning, operations and delivery of programs and services in a pandemic and post-pandemic environment, as well as to contribute to community recovery more broadly. It will aid parks, recreation and community sport leaders to renew their value proposition; retool their programming and service delivery; safely engage and support their employees, clients and partners; and contribute to community recovery.

The ReImagine RREC initiative is grounded in proven theory – the knowledge-to-action model. Using the findings from the collected evidence, reimagine RREC is raising awareness of the impacts and implications of COVID faced by the sector; gaining acceptance of the need for action by the sector; seeking engagement of the sector to identify issues and needed actions; and working towards alignment of actions across the sector and with allied sectors.

In Phase I, the ReImagine RREC project reviewed hundreds of articles and surveys and conducted over 170 key informant interviews.


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