What are the Framework's goals?

Goal 1: Active Living

Foster active living through physical recreation.


  • Recreation participation throughout the life course
  • Physical literacy
  • Play
  • Reduce sedentary behaviours


Goal 2: Inclusion & Access

Increase access to recreation for populations that face constraints to participation.


  • Equitable participation for all regardless of differences such as: socioeconomic status, age, culture, race, Aboriginal status, gender, ability, sexual orientation, or geographic location.


Goal 3: Connecting People & Nature

Help people connect to nature through recreation.


  • Natural spaces and places are provided
  • Comprehensive systems of parks are accessible
  • Public awareness and education are promoted
  • Negative impacts to the natural environment are minimized


Goal 4: Supportive Environments

Ensure the provision of supportive physical and social environments that encourage participation in recreation and help to build strong, caring communities.


  • Essential spaces and places are provided
  • Existing structures and spaces are being used for a variety of purposes
  • Aging infrastructure is being renewed
  • Active transportation is prevalent
  • Partnerships are maximized
  • Recreation education campaigns are established
  • Assessment tools used to ensure accountability
  • Community initiatives are aligned


Goal 5: Recreation Capacity

Ensure the continued growth and sustainability of the recreation field.


  • Increase collaborative efforts among all levels of the recreation field
  • Career development to attract and educate new leaders
  • Support advanced education in recreation
  • Provide development opportunities for organizations and individuals (professional and volunteer)
  • Develop community leadership strategies
  • Rejuvenate and update volunteer strategies
  • Support knowledge development to increase research efforts, data availability, support materials, and the development of new/enhanced post-secondary program
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