10 Ways to Use the Framework

Whether you are revising your master plan, presenting to your Municipal Council or interested in sharing a success story, this document provides great ideas and options for how the Framework can be used by you and your organization.

10 Ways to use the Framework

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Lorraine OBrien 18 days ago
same with the FAQ-broken link: 6. Endorse the Framework
Publicly endorse, adopt, embrace, or acknowledge the Framework.
Finding ways to acknowledge the Framework demonstrates commitment to recreation service delivery
and to providing quality and accessible recreation opportunities. A number of municipalities,
provincial/territorial governments, and non-profit associations across the country have already
endorsed/adopted the Framework. Endorsement could include a formal motion, press release, written
alignment in a strategic plan, article on your website, or a combination off each. Use the Key Messages
and FAQ documents to help word your endorsement.
Lorraine OBrien 18 days ago
The key messages link in the document does not work