Framework Alignment Tool

The Framework Alignment Tool was created to allow local governments and organizations to assess their current situation with respect to implementing the goals and priorities of the Framework for Recreation in Canada, while recognizing local priorities and resources. This tool can be used in a half-day workshop, as a self-directed workbook or as part of a master planning exercise. The tool, available in English only at this time, includes:

The Workbooks

There are two versions of the Workbook: Basic and Comprehensive. They are formatted in Microsoft Excel. Each contains multiple sheets and include “indicators” for all priorities in the Framework. Users can choose the Workbook that best suits their community’s need. The workbooks provide you with a template to record and track your progress. Both provide users with the opportunity to illustrate how they are furthering the goals and priorities of the Framework and create plans for the future.

The Basic Workbook provides communities with key indicators for each of the priorities. Communities can then simply assess if they agree that an indicator is relevant and a priority in their community. There is space to add notes and planned actions to illustrate how your community’s initiatives align with the indicator.

The Comprehensive Workbook provides communities with more detailed indicators for each of the priorities. It focuses more on policy-driven planning and decision making. It has a matrix for priority and implementation. There are more instructions on how to use the workbooks in this document and on the first tab of each of the Excel sheets.

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