Placemaking is a well-established concept that involves shaping public spaces to bolster the connection between people and their environments.

This practice transcends all community sizes and types, with a notable emphasis on neighbourhoods as hubs for increased physical activity and social interaction. One of the most compelling aspects of placemaking is its inclusivity; anyone can be a neighbourhood "placemaker" and initiate impactful changes. This empowers individuals and groups to effect transformations on both personal properties and public spaces at a neighbourhood level.

For the sector, this represents an opportunity to evolve from being solely providers of facilities and programs to becoming active supporters of public initiatives aimed at fostering healthier communities. A significant portion of the spaces created or adapted through placemaking aligns well with recreation and parks, offering versatile venues for various activities. Embracing this shift not only complements the sector's existing roles but also enhances its contribution to community wellbeing. One important example of placemaking is the availability of parks and outdoor spaces, and the animation of those spaces. According to the Measuring Impact report, “strategic integration of parks and green spaces into urban landscapes reduces air pollution, facilitates urban cooling, and enhances overall wellbeing of citizens.”

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