Gender Equity and Recreation Workshop #1 — Creating a Strong Culture and Shared Commitment

Organizational culture is the collection of values, expectations, and practices that guide and inform the actions of the organization. A great culture exemplifies positive traits that lead to improved performance, while a dysfunctional company culture brings out qualities that can hinder even the most successful organizations. The atmosphere or climate in a recreation facility will set the tone for the recruitment and retention of participants, as well as volunteers and staff.

The workshop focused on three specific topics regarding organizational support for girls, women and gender diverse individuals:

  • Creating a Welcoming Environment (apart from the physical infrastructure, which will be addressed in the Facility Design workshop).
  • Intersectionality – helping service providers understand how to serve girls, women and gender diverse people who have overlapping identities, characteristics, and experiences.
  • The concept of Social Hubs and Disrupting Social Norms.

Facilitator: Claire Tucker-Reid

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