What does Jays Care provide?

Jays Care provides a coach’s kit that include:

Programs Manual
Engagement cards (activity ideas)
Information on trauma-informed practice (behaviour management tools)
Clipboard and erasable program sheet
Blank Participant Certificates
Banner for games
You will also receive equipment, based on the type of program you are running:

Full Outdoor Kit

2 metal bats
6 helmets
12 whiffle balls
12 foam balls
12 hard softballs 
2 tees 
2 base sets 
12 gloves 
Full Indoor Kit

12 hittrain balls
12 whiffle balls
12 gloves
6 foam bats
3 tees 
1 base set
1 equipment bag
Level 1 Kit

12 whiffle balls
12 hittrain balls (foam ball)
6 foam bats
4 tees
1 base set
1 equipment set

Jays Care will advise you on the best kit for your municipality. Municipalities can purchase additional equipment directly through Jays Care Foundation.

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